Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surgery is incredibly expensive and extremely risky

Surgery is by far the most expensive of all enlargement options, usually costing thousands for even the most basic procedures.

You would be forgiven for thinking this makes it your best option if you can afford it however the amount of 'failed operations' keeps building up every day:

The media is full of 'penis enlargement surgery gone wrong' stories:

Anatomy of a penis pill swindle
"Surgeons at St Peter's Andrology Centre in London quizzed 42 men who underwent operations, the European Urology journal reported. The average increase was 1.3cms (0.5in), but two thirds said they were unhappy with the results."

Anatomy of a penis pill swindle
"He said he had passed out with shock after seeing his penis following the operation in Manchester. The 47-year-old patient, referred to as Mr A throughout, said it was black, shorter and deformed, adding: "I was in severe pain"."

Anatomy of a penis pill swindle
"But Lennon could not position his penis downward. He said he could no longer hug people, ride a bike, swim or wear bathing trunks because of the pain and embarrassment. He has become a recluse and is uncomfortable being around his grandchildren, his lawyer said."

Penis surgery is expensive, unguaranteed and extremely high risk - if something goes wrong it is usually irreversible so you are stuck with a deformed or severely damaged penis forever.

SizeGenetics™ on the other hand is affordable, comes complete with a 6 month guarantee and has no reported serious side-effects.

Obviously penis pills can not enlarge the penis

There are many companies that now offer herbal pills intended to help you enlarge your penis. Whilst many make outrageous claims about the gains you will achieve the truth is that when used alone pills are unable to provide any enlargement of your penis.
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Cheap devices, penis pills, vacuum pumps, weight hanging & surgery - why put your health at risk?

When enlarging the penis you cannot afford to choose the wrong method. You only have one penis and so the risks that are associated with the likes of cheap devices, surgery, pumps and weight hanging make these methods a no-go area for most men.

We want you to purchase the SizeGenetics™ system, so surely it makes sense for us to say this? It does, but we are legally obliged to be truthful and we back up all comparisons with independent news articles. If you wish to try another method then we would urge you to do so, just remember that when you see little to no gains that SizeGenetics™ is the place for real clinically proven enlargement. Over 60% Of our customers have tried other methods before finally finding our unique system (doctor endorsed, clinically proven).

A better life, a new girlfriend, better sex..

Our customer forum currently has over 50,000 members, all talking about the immense gains that they are making through SizeGenetics. Some are aiming for a longer, stronger penis, whilst others are aiming for a thicker more muscular appearing penis.
Regardless, all of them have had their successes, and want to share their stories.

Nickname: Richard

Starting measurements
4 inches flacid length before
5 inches erect length before

5½ inches flaccid length after
6¼ inches erect length after

Gains of 1.8 inches in length in only 4 months!!!

"...just four months on I simply can’t believe the results! My penis, which, back in Feb, was 5.0 inches flaccid, 6.9 inches erect and 5.4 inches in girth is now 6.8 inches flaccid, a whopping 8.7 inches in length and 6.0 inches in girth! (See photos as evidence).

My wife can’t believe it either and my proudest moment happened recently when she returned home with a few packs of XL condoms, which fit great! - (regular sized condoms had become very uncomfortable to wear…a nice problem to have!). Lovemaking is also better than ever! I now have really good control and orgasms are much more intense (for both of us!"

There are hundreds of testimonials, if you wish to look at some more then feel free to look here.

The medically backed device - designed for safety, comfort and results

SizeGenetics™ device has been extensively tested in a clinical setting with highly qualified doctors and surgeons. What's more, the device also carries the European CE mark which is only awarded to products that meet the strict standards of the European Union. It has also been classified as a type 1 medical device so you know that you are buying a high quality, effective product that will not put your safety at risk.
Since 1994 several clinical studies have proven that SizeGenetics™ is effective as both a means of adding length and width to a penis as well as straightening curvatures.
The latest study will back up previous findings and prove once again that SizeGenetics™ is a serious option for enlarging your penis.
The medical community agrees, SizeGenetics™ is one of the safest, most comprehensive Penis Enlargement Solutions available on the market. Independent research and testing has shown that it WORKS.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The fastest way to easy penis enlargement

Use SizeGenetics to add inches and boost your confidence

If you are like the thousands of other guys who visit my site every day then you are looking for a way to easily enlarge your penis. What’s more you probably want achieve that bigger size as fast as possible so you can start enjoying the increased confidence straight away.

Well I have a product for you that allows you to do all of this and more. Introducing SizeGenetics, the clinically proven method of non-surgical penis enlargement. This medically backed device helps you:

  • Increase your penis length
  • Add inches to your penis girth
  • Reduce and remove that painful curvature

Furthermore the full SizeGenetics system gives you:

A clinically proven, medical type 1 device

For safe and permanent enlargement. Other cheaper devices are not clinically proven and this means you risk both your health and your money if you buy them. SizeGenetics has gone through many clinical trials and has been backed by doctors so you know it is not only safe but also incredibly effective.

PenisHealth Exercise Program DVD

The exercises on this DVD are designed to help speed up and enhance your gains. You can see gains just by using the device alone, there is no doubt about that. However, when you combine your device work with these powerful exercises you have a winning combination to bring you gains even faster.

PenisHealth Online Access

As well as the DVD you also get access to the PenisHealth program online. As with the DVD, these exercises help bring your size gains even faster. In addition you will also learn secret exercises that can help you gain harder erections on demand and get control over your ejaculations so you never climax too soon again.

Better Sex Guide DVDs

Unique to the SizeGenetics system these better sex DVDs are included with every purchase of the full system. Getting a bigger penis is only part of the process, once you also know how to use it you can become the kind of lover that women dream about. The confidence in knowing this is immense and can help you approach any woman and talk her in to bed!

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Lovecentria Online Access

Also included in this fantastic system is full unlimited access to the Lovecentria online sex and positions guide. This will spice up your love life so that not only will you be more confident but you will also become a legend in the bedroom, knowing every little trick to make her orgasm over and over again!

Free Bonuses

As if all of the above wasn’t enough, you will also get free bonuses worth over $200! This includes acess to Mens Forte, an online mens magazine masses of content dating, fitness, entertainment, money, business, travel and sex. In addition you will get two free ebooks guiding you on the art of seduction and also how you can get yourself in shape for those all night sex sessions!


There is no other penis enlargement product that gives you all of this, and we haven’t even mentioned that every purchase is covered by a 6 month money-back guarantee and you also get 24 hour trained customer support.

This means you can buy in complete confidence (ordering is easy and secure) knowing that you are getting a safe, fast, and effective penis enlargement product.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Number One Enlargement System Improves its own Package

The world’s number one penis enlargement system just got even better.
Despite having already received backing from leading doctors and praise from thousands of satisfied customers, SizeGenetics has moved to stay ahead of the game by adding another groundbreaking feature to its clinically-proven system: PenisHealth.
This new feature, which is to be included with all new SizeGenetics systems, is a revolutionary exercise programme designed to complement and add to the gains already guaranteed by the SizeGenetics system.
The 34 exercises in the programme are designed to expand the main arteries in the penis. These arteries fill with blood during an erection, making it thicker, longer and harder. By expanding and strengthening these parts of the penis, the PenisHealth programme offers permanent increases in penis size.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 month guarantee: Start seeing gains on your penis, or your money back!

So convinced that you will be seeing the satisfying long term gains that only Penis Health can provide, we are offering a full money back guarantee to anyone who doesn’t see positive gains within the first six months.

Imagine being able to walk into a party, full of confidence, with the huge swelling goods to satisfy any women between your legs and knowing full well that you have one of the largest cocks there.

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The SizeGenetics™ System is clinically proven to enlarge your penis - giving you a more imposing member, increased bloodflow and more powerful erections, with increases in length of up to 3 inches.

SizeGenetics™ is the ONLY penis enlargement traction device on the market that is endorsed by the medical community. It is medically and clinically proven that that SizeGenetics™ is the most effective solution to safe and effective penis enlargement for quick and permanent results.

The SizeGenetics™ penis extender is medical type 1 device carrying the European CE Health stamp.

Start enlarging your penis today with a medically endorsed approach

Get ready to take your sex life to the next level!

Penis Health is your online resource to proven penis enlargement exercises that can increase your penis size and sexual ability. Through just a few easy to follow exercises you can begin to increase the girth and length of your penis and have the confidence to approach women knowing that you will be capable of satisfying them that very evening. Several times.

And it all starts today.

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Due to popular demand, Penis Health has put their complete exercise programme on to a DVD.

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Now, even when your away from your computer or on holiday, you can continue to increase the size of your penis and reap the benefits of the Penis Health programme.

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History of penis enlargement

Penis enlargement – a century’s year old practice

The practice of penis enlargement has been happening for centuries, stretching as far back as 2,000 years ago with African tribes. Yet the fruits of this fascination have only come into realisation in the last 20-30 years with the development of medically backed penis traction devices, historically support penis exercise programmes and surgical procedures.

For men looking to enlarge the penis 2,000 years ago, all they could look forward to was manual methods of stretching the penis with hanging weights attached to their scrotum or having a slit cut down their shaft.

The most advanced method for penis enlargement then was used by Polynesian men who used a woven sleeve - similar to a Chinese finger trap – to increase penis length. Other than that, the types of instruments used to encourage penis growth were risky and extremely hazardous.

Luckily during the century alternative methods have come into practice.

Developments that have transformed these desires for a thicker longer penis, into real credible results: jelqing, surgery and penis traction devices.

The natural route to lasting penis enlargement


First used in the Middle East as a bonding exercise between father and son (as they helped them prepare for a sexual relationship), jelqing is a simple workout which is now globally established amongst men for inducing increased stamina and a longer, thicker penis.

Known to typically take 30 minutes to do, jelqing consists of up to 200 movements that when completed will offer users a penis enlargement of 1.4 inches in length and 1 inch in girth.

For more information of jelqing and penis exercises, you can visit the Penis Health website for advice in this area.


Widely popular in America since the 1980’s, there are commonly 3 types of penis enlargement surgery: penile injection, ligament cutting and inflatable implants.

Penile injection: the insertion of cells from the body into the shaft of your penis.

Ligament cutting: the basal ligament of the penis is cut. Unfortunately although this can lead to a penile length increase of 2 inches, the penis is now unable to stand erect.

Inflatable implants
: implants replace the corpora cavernosa (the part of the penis that fills with blood during erections) and is manually inflated.

Though all highly recommended each of these surgeries does come with their own risks. From penis deformations, scarring and an inability to perform sexually; ligament cutting is particularly damaging as it can prevent your penis from standing erect.

Penis enlargement devices (traction)

First patented in 1911, some modern penis enlargement devices are medically backed to CE standards and are clinically proven to stimulate the reproduction of new tissue cells within the penis.
Some penis stretching devices are able to offer men results within 7 days, with a 30% increase being possible within 24 weeks. In addition, results from penis stretching devices tend to be permanent.

For more details on penis traction devices and how they work, the Size Genetics website offers greater information on the subject.

Penis enlargement – the next step

With such a multitude of methods widely available for use, penis enlargement has come a long way since its first depictions in cave painting in 440BC.

Today you can achieve the penis size you want without having to run the risk of damaging your penis or your health. Instead there are a variety of safe ways to enlarge the penis by such methods as the penis traction device as well as through penis exercises.