Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheap devices, penis pills, vacuum pumps, weight hanging & surgery - why put your health at risk?

When enlarging the penis you cannot afford to choose the wrong method. You only have one penis and so the risks that are associated with the likes of cheap devices, surgery, pumps and weight hanging make these methods a no-go area for most men.

We want you to purchase the SizeGenetics™ system, so surely it makes sense for us to say this? It does, but we are legally obliged to be truthful and we back up all comparisons with independent news articles. If you wish to try another method then we would urge you to do so, just remember that when you see little to no gains that SizeGenetics™ is the place for real clinically proven enlargement. Over 60% Of our customers have tried other methods before finally finding our unique system (doctor endorsed, clinically proven).

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